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Other Teens

Kevin Lambert~
Kevin Lambert was first introduced as a pawn to the haughty high school vixen, Jan Spears. Jan paid nerdy Kevin with a few delicious kisses to spill some nasty chemicals on Chloe's hair. Of course, just as Kevin was to carry out his plan he realized how nice the "Ghoul Girl" really was. Despite his fondness for Chloe, Kevin carried out Jan's nasty plan and he felt terrible about what he had done. During this, Kevin also was sort of pursued by Mimi Lockhart. She relished his "Cassanova" kiss and desired more. Luckily for Kevin, he finally found some substance in the form of friend, Susan Adamson. Also taunted by the terrible teens, Susan was having a tough time of it. She and Kevin began to bond and he encouraged her to attend the Last Blast Dance. As the summer progressed, Kevin joined the other kids on the Puerto Rican adventure where he found himself an object of several girl's affection, mostly Mimi's. Now graduating from Salem High Kevin is still going out with Kevin, while Susan tries to hide her feelings. We will have to see what the Last blast holds for him!

Janice Spears~

Jan Spears is a self-centered, trouble making and obnoxious Salem High student on Days of our Lives. Along with her partner in crime, Jason, she encouraged Shawn and Philip to participate in the infamous video game tournament. Whoever lost the tournament would have to ask Chloe Lane (a.k.a. the Ghoul Girl) to the Last Blast Dance. The tournament ended and the lucky winner was Philip, who in all reality should thank the conniving Jan because he fell head over heals for the foxy Chloe Lane. Too bad for Philip and Chloe that Jan doesn't believe in happy endings. In this spirit at Last Blast 2001, Jan placed nude pictures of Chloe on a projector. This finally ended Philip and Chloe's relationship. A part of her punishment Jan had to join her class members to Puerto Rico for the summer class trip. On the island Jan was raped, and turned to Shawn. When she returned home she found out she was pregnent and leaned on Shawn more and more. After claiming the child as his own Shawn and Belle were history. Jan wanted to keep it this way and blamed Belle for her miscarriage. Recently Shawn found out the truth and Jan is reconciling with her mother. After graduating from Salem High, Jan is her way to London with her mother!

GOOD BYE JAN!!!!!!!!!