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October 7- 11

This Week on Days:
Shawn discovers Belle in a lip-lock with Dozer!
Tony gains custody of the twins.
Kate and Sami form an alliance to bury Nicole;
Billie learns of Hope's return to Salem...and devises a plan.
Cassie and Rex enjoy their newfound freedom;
Nicole is released from the hospital.
Belle confronts Tony over the twins best interests;
Jack and Jennifer use any means necessary for info their secret informant. Victor's engagement party is full of surprises - including a whopper from Kate; Hope is a no show.
Bo gets the shock of his life. 
Lucas reveals startling news about Nicole.
Cynthia spreads rumors about Belle.
Tony orders Spector to hand over the Twins.
Roman asks Brady about Dry Creek.
Chloe tells Brady about the baby.

Shawn slugs Dozer.
Sami and Kate commiserate together.
Cassie and Rex's guardianship hearing takes place.
Kate hires a private investigator.
Caroline helps Bo prepare for Hope's homecoming.