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Hi. My name is Shawn. This past summer I realized how much I really like Belle Black. She and I grew up together and I'm beginning to think she might be the one. One what? One for me, I guess. We nearly had sex on the island but I think we're going to take our new romance one step at a time. And when the timing is right...

My world has changed. Shawn Douglas Brady really likes me! He likes me! I'm so jazzed. He's actually acting like my boyfriend. We nearly had sex but we decided to wait. It was probably a wise decision. Anyway, I can't wait to take the baby steps with him.

My name is Brady and a lot has been happening to me. My stepmother and I made up and my dad agreed to let me work at his new company, Basic Black, for one year. After that, I may have to go back to college. On the personal front, I've been hanging out with Chloe and I think I'm in heavy like. If only I could get her mind off of my uncle Philip.

My name is Chloe Lane. I'm currently living with my birth mother Nancy and her husband Craig. At first we didn't get along but that's starting to change. Anyway, Philip and I broke up at this year's Last Blast Dance. I have to admit that I miss him but his nephew Brady is starting to really interest me... as a friend. He's taught me so much...

I'm Philip and I'm in love with Chloe. We've had our ups and downs lately but I praying that we work it out. I plan to marry her one day soon... I hope she feels the same way.