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Fun Facts!
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Name: Isabella Black
Nicknames: Belle, Sis, Perfect Girl, Dance Queen, TINKerbelle, the goddess of Salem High
Groups/ Organzations: Cheerleader, Candy Striper at Salem University Medical Center, French Club, Student Council
Name: Shawn Douglas Brady
Nickname: Music Man, Tough Guy, Clueless
Groups/ Organzations: Baseball, Basketball, Key Club
Name: Brady Victor Black
Groups/ Organzations: none
Name: Mimi Lockhart
Nickname:Meems, Big Mouth
Groups/Organzations: Track Team, Pep Club, Candy Striper at salem University Medical Center, Soccer Team
Name: Chloe Lane
Nicknames: Goul Girl, Freak, Diva
Groups/ Organzations:National Honor Society, Music Club, National Merit Scholarship Finalist
Name: Philip Kiriakis
Nicknames: K-man, Phil, Mr. Popularity
Groups/ Organzations: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Key Club, Future Business Leaders of America
Name:Jason Wells
Nicknames: Jock, Drunk, Loser, Pervert, Jokester
Groups/ Organzations: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Video Gamers Club
Name: Janice Spears
Nicknames:Queen of Mean, Bitch, Prankster
Groups/ Organzations:Cheerleader
Name: Kevin Lambert
Nicknames: Smart guy, Nicest Guy, Hot Body
Groups/ Organzations: Geology Club, Math Club, Latin Club, A/V Club, Computer club, National Honor Society, National Merit Scholarship Finalist
Name: Susan Adams
Nicknames: Freak, Gigantor, Nicest Gal
Groups/ Organzations:Drama Club, Pep Club