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This week on Days:
Lexie ruins the christening - but can she save Zack's life?
Philip, Chloe and Mimi confront Shawn with evidence of Jan's lies.
The truth about Jan's miscarriage (can you say FINALLY!!!)  and Chloe's illness are exposed!
Jack and Sami conspire against Jennifer and Brandon.
On Graduation Day, Belle blows up at Shawn.
Chloe makes an emotional, impassioned graduation speech as the seniors reminisce about their tumultuous high school days, and accepts a very special gift from Philip.
The teens set a plan in motion to reunite Belle and Shawn. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
Lexie is taken to the psychiatric ward.
Shawn and Belle share a tense moment.
Philip milks information out of an unsuspecting Cynthia.
Lexie storms the altar at Zack's baptism.
Chloe learns that she is the valedictorian.
The truth comes out about Jan's pregnancy.  (CELEBRATE!)
Jack and Sami cause trouble at the B&B.
The teens plan to reunite Shawn and Belle ( YEA!!!)
OT: I'm soooooo excited about this week's Days' I had to add my own little comments. Enjoy!

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