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Rights and Disclaimer

The images contained within this site are the property of this site's author. No part of this site may be used without permission from the author. Should you want to use any of the images found here, contact the author via email with your request and purpose of use. DAYS OF OUR LIVES is copyrighted by Corday Productions. No part of this site is used for profit, only for the enjoyment of its visitors. I am not associated with DAYS OF OUR LIVES or Corday Productions.

If there is any part of my site you think is misunderstood to be my own, let me know. I will reply as soon as possible and I'm sure something can be worked out!

Thanks to: 

Always Belle and Shawn

Soapcity's Days of Our Lives

NBC. com's Days of our Lives

 for pictures/ screen caps and text!

Also, if you visit my board or fan fiction board please, keep comments polite for ANYone to read and also don't write hateful things about the characters or Kirsten Storms or Jason Cook. Obviously my site is dedicated to them, so please respect them.

Thanks for respecting these wishes!