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Vanessa's Shelle Site
My Favorites and Opinions
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My favorites on Day's are Belle, Shawn, Brady, Jack (it really cracked me up when he said he was gay!), Hope, and Jennifer.

I don't like Craige, Nancy,Faye and Abe. They are all good actors but I just don't think their parts are written well in the story.

Lately I like Greta she's been really funny in the scenes with Jack.

I also used to like Lexie, but now she's to into "her" son and ruining other people's lives. She's just out of control!

I like Chloe sometimes, and I do feel bad for. What Jan and Mimi did was really mean!

I hate Jan but feel bad for her. But her hair chewing and her always wanting Shawn is not something that is worth watching. I don't think that Days is doing a good part writing her script. Acting all nice and needy is not something she does well.

I know this is a Shelle site and all but I love Broe together. I think have great storylines and I hope they get together(but they will never be Shawn and Belle).

Everyone wants Shelle back together as much as I do, and I think it will be at the Last Blast. Every year something happens.
1. Shawn and Belle's first dance
2. The chicken blood incident
3. The naked pictures of Chloe
4. Hopefully Shawn and Belle get back together.
Its a pattern, Shelle, Chloe, Chloe, Shelle. Oh well, we will have to wait and see!