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Vanessa's Shelle Site
About Me and My Site!


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My site~

I made my site after visting several Shelle sites. I watched Days every summer for two years now. This year I'm taping it when I'm school( Since Shelle is together I'm not missing anything). I collected info from several sites and made this one. I appreciate and feedback or ideas. I appreciate both negative and postive reactions just please dont be too mean. I cant wait to here from you. If you want to e-mail me your site I can add it to my Links page (even if it's not Days related).

About me~

My name is Vanessa. I'm 14 and fom NJ. I love watching Days. i also like to hang out with my friends/boyfriend. I also like to play soccer and dance. I one of the xaptains of my school cheerleading squad. I'll try to update my site as soon as possible. Cause I love to work on my computer. oh yeah I love Shelle Shelle fan fics!!!!!!!