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Isabella Black



Kirsten Storms~
At the tender age of five, Kirsten Storms already knew what she wanted to do with her life, she longed to perform in front of the camera. Kirsten would tag along with her father, Mike, to the CBS affiliate in Orlando where he was the sportscaster. She would saunter onto the news set pretending to be the weathercaster. The station recorded her forecassts so the rising star could critique her "work." She was hooked! Which leads us to her current role as precocious Belle Black (Deidre Hall & Drake Hogestyn's on-screen teen daughter) in the long-running hit daytime drama, "Days Of Our Lives."

Born in Orlando, Florida in 1984, Kirsten lived the normal life of a child until she was five years old. While performing in a showcase at an area acting school for kids, Kirsten was discovered by a talent scout who convinced her parents to enroll their daughter in an intensive children's acting program in New York. The class paid off when she caught the eye of several major casting directors.

After numerous commercials, Kirsten's first television series was a recurring role on ABC's "Second Noah." When the series ended its run, the family decided to head west and give Hollywood a try. Kirsten soon landed the role of Laura Cummings on the hit WB series, "7th Heaven." She was later chosen to star as spicy, free-spirited Zenon in the Disney Channel's original movie, "Zenon; Girl of the 21st Century." The movie had the largest rating for any Disney Channel original movie. This September Kirsten reprises her role when filming starts in September in Vancouver. The film will be released in January 2001.

The busy young teen also appeared on Lifetime's weekly series, "Any Day Now" with Annie Potts. Other credits include the Disney syndicated series, "Sing Me A Story With Bell" and "The Trojan Horse," a Hallmark Entertainment production. She also completed principal photography in Disney Channel's "Johnny Tsunami."

Kirsten is thrilled to be part of the great cast of "Days Of Our Lives." She loves reading and hanging out with her friends at the local at the movie theatre where her older brother, Austin, works. Her younger sister, Gretchen, is also an actress. Herfamily has three dogs, all rescued golden retrievers named Shelby, Grayson and Hunter. She also has two cats, Priscilla and Rum Tug Tugger. Her birthday is April 8th!

Belle Black~

Born Isabella Black, "Belle" is the daughter of prominant Salmeites, Marlena Evans and John Black. Although her true parentage is known now, for the first few years of he life, Belle was thought to be the daughter of Marlena's then-husband, Roman Brady. However, it was soon revealed that Belle was the result of a one-night affair between her mother and John. When the truth came out, Belle's half-sister, Sami Brady, kidnapped Belle and tried to sell her on the black market! How's that for sibling rivalery?
Now, Belle is 16 years old, thanks to the Rapid-Aging Syndrome, and attending Salem High with her friends, where she is a cheerleader and a leader in all the social circles! Her best friends are Mimi Lockheart and Chloe Lane, and her long-time family friend, Shawn - Douglas Brady. Her other siblings include half-brothers Eric Brady, the twin brother of Sami from her mother's marriage with Roman, and Brady, from her father's previous marriage with Isabella Toscano. She also has a step-sister Carrie Brady who was Roman's daughter and Marlena's step-daughter! That's where it gets confusing! Belle's favorite bands include 'NSync and the Backstreet Boys and she is very dedicated to community service, as she volunteers at the hospital as a candy-striper and for Habitat 4 Humanity.
This past fall, Belle is involved in a very serious accident on the train tracks. She was rescued by her brother Brady, but remained in a coma for weeks. At that time, Brady was thought to have tried and killed his sister, but when Belle regained consciousness, she was able to tell everyone the truth.

Belle took place in the class trip of summer 2001. Along with Shawn, Mimi, and Philip she was able to rescue Alice Horton's ruby. On the trip Shawn and her shared their true  feelings with each other. But after Jan was
raped Shawn took responsiblity for the newly developed baby. Jan decided to fool Shawn and blamed her miscarriage on Belle. Now he knows the truth, Jan is out of the picture and he wants Belle back. so at the Last blast 2002 Shawn tells Belle the whole truth and is forgiven.

Since the summer Belle has found the "Gemini Twins" now known as Cassie and Rex. Along with Shawn she is making sure that they are safe. Belle is attending Salem University and living in Hartly House. Recently she was given the title Hartly Heartbreaker. While working on her relationahip with Shawn, Belle has been helping Philip grieve over Chloe. She is excited about her new college life and looks foward to her life with Shawn.