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Mimi Lockhart


Farah Fath~
How many young actresses land a role on their favorite soap opera at their first audition? Days of our Lives' talented newcomer, Farah Fath, did just that. Fath portrays Mimi Lockhart, an insecure, yet effervescent teen on NBC's number one daytime drama.

Born in Lexington, Kentucky in 1984, Fath grew up with stars in her eyes. "I loved being in the spotlight ever since I can remember," recounts the energetic teen. Farah began her show business career as a child model at the tender age of five. When she was eight years old, Farah traveled to Los Angeles to participate in a International Model and Talent Convention. The young beauty began competing in pageants at eleven years of age and was crowned Miss Kentucky Pre-Teen in 1995. Farah was a National Speech Winner in several pageants.

Fath juggled modeling assignments, commercials, and pageant competition with academics, but still found time to be a cheerleader in junior high and appeared in her high school's production of Life with Mother Superior. She also appeared in a national commercial for Pringles Potato Chips and numerous print ads for Duncan Hines.

Farah's life changed forever in January of 1999 when she returned to Los Angeles to attend another International Model and Talent Convention; she walked away with a few awards and an agent. Reluctantly, Fath returned to Kentucky to finish her Freshman year of high school, knowing that she would return to Los Angeles with her mother that summer to make the audition rounds. In July of 1999, Farah's agent called with the news that she booked an audition with Day of our Lives. Farah landed the recurring role of Mimi on her very first audition in Hollywood. "I remember the first day on the set. I was freaking out. I saw Kristian Alfonso, Deidre Hall, and I was in total awe because I had grown up watching them. My grandmother thinks of them as her own children. My babysitter actually got me watching when Marlena was possessed - I saw that and I was hooked."

Farah expected to be in Salem for only a few weeks, but when September arrived, Fath decided to stay put and to begin her life anew on the West Coast. "I was really excited to stay in Los Angeles, but I missed my family and friends," recalls the young actress. "My mom had to commute back and forth for the first few months, but it was well worth it. I now have a contract role on my favorite daytime drama. I still can't believe I living my dream."

When she isn't working or spending endless hours in the Days of our Lives schoolroom, Farah enjoys shopping, hanging out with her new LA friends, and attending church regularly. Farah's twelve year old younger sister Victoria (Torie), has caught the acting bug and plans to join Farah and her mother, Lisa, In Los Angeles after the school year. Fath remains close to her father, Greg, who sill resides in Lexington, Kentucky and works in the car business. Farah's prized possession is her cockapoo named "Ziggy," who is half cockerspaniel and half toy poodle. She unwinds listening to her favorite band, Hanson, and watching her favorite show, Friends starring her favorite actress, Lisa Kudrow.

Farah stands 5'4" and has brown hair and green eyes. She celebrates her birthday on May 1.
Mimi Lockhart~
Mimi is a graduate of Salem High, and Belle's best friend. In fact, these two are almost inseparable. A bright, energetic and boy crazy teen, Mimi often lets things slip out of her mouth she sometimes regrets. The results can sometimes be quite humorous. But beneath her buoyant fašade, lies a mask of insecurity she works hard to hide.

Mimi has gone through many of the tamic experiences with Shawn and Belle. At one point she was in love with Shawn, but he only had eyes for Belle so nothing happened. She was also homeless until Last Blast 2000. Shawn and Belle found out and were detirmed to build her a new house. Mimi has also been caught up in Jan's plans. Now she knows that Jan is up to no good and wont stop until Shawn and Belle are back together~
Mimi is attending Salem University. She is still living at home, but spends most of her time at Hartly House with Belle and Shawn. Over the summer she seperated with her boy friend Kevin. She was also apart of the alien adventure!