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Rex Dimera


Eric Winter~


Daytime television newcomer Eric Winter portrays Rex, a young man who has traveled a great distance to Salem, on NBC's number one daytime drama, Days of our Lives.

Born in La Mirada, California, Eric spent most of his childhood in nearby La Puente. An only child, Eric attended Los Altos High School in Hacienda Heights, where he excelled in football and volleyball. A stellar high school football career provided Eric with the opportunity to compete in the All Star Hall of Fame Game as a defensive lineman.

Eric attended UCLA, graduating with a degree in psychology. While in college, and after shedding approximately thirty pounds of football weight, a girlfriend suggested to Eric that he pursue work as a model to help pay the bills. He soon landed an agent and found himself juggling schoolwork and acting workshops with prestigious modeling assignments, many of which took him all over the world.

Eric's most high-profile print campaign was for Tommy Hilfiger. Eric has appeared in numerous national commercials, including campaigns for 7-UP and Mitsubishi.

Prior to landing the role of Rex on Days of our Lives, Eric guest-starred in several television shows, including Profiler, The Parkers and The Andy Dick Show.

In his free time, Eric enjoys playing basketball, hiking, snowboarding, and going to the movies; The Breakfast Club is his all time favorite film. He remains close to his father Wayne, who owns an Investigative Company, and his mother Gwen, who runs a theatrical fabric business.

Eric stands 6' 1" and has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He celebrates his birthday on July 17th.

Rex Dimera~

The Gemini Twins, of which Rex is the male half, arrived in Salem during the Gemini meteor showers on July 4, 2002. They landed mysteriously, half naked, unable to speak and with no knowledge of where they're from. Shawn Brady and girl friend Belle Black came upon them. After several disappearances Rex and his sister Cassie were taken to the hospital. They have been tested and now know as humans. Tony Dimera has been given custody. Belle remains to fight for them and would like Rx to move in with Shawn at Hartley House; Rex thinks this is a great idea and would love to go to school!