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Shawn Brady


Jason Cook~

Jason Cook was born on September 13th to his father, Bill and his mother JoAnn. His father is an engineer who constructs rides for amusement parks and mother is a pre-school teacher. Jason currently resides in Los Angeles and just turned 20 years old. An excellent piano play, Jason used to play at weddings on weekends to earn money and won piano competitions. He started action when he was in hish school and filled in for the lead in a school play and became hooked! In Jason's spare time, he likes to read Michael Crichton and Ken Follet. He also has a theatre group that he made up with his friends called Severed Heads Theatre and is currently working on a screenplay about love and friendship.

Some of Jason's other projects, besides Days Of Our Lives, includes the telvision series' 'Project Time' and 'The Amanda Show.' He was appeared in 'West Side Story' and "A Midsummer Night's Dream' onstage.

Shawn Brady~

Shawn-Douglas Brady was born in 1987 to Bo and Hope Brady, the famous super-couple of Days Of Our Lives. He was named after Bo's father, Shawn and Hope's father Doug. For the first years of his life, Shawn lived on a sailboat, The Fancy Face, with his parents as they sailed around the world. At one point, his mother was thought to be dead, but she returned to Salem a few years later, but with no memories of her pevious life and thought she was Gina. She finally re-gained her memory and her and Bo got back together, much to Shawn's delight. As a child, Shawn played baseball and once helped to uncovered a drug operation in Salem. Once, caught in an explosion, Shawn was deaf, but learned to hear again with the help of his father and doctor. He also encountered some danger when he was kidnapped by Stephano and for a short time it was feared that he was dead. He was found, but a little while later, Stefano struck again! Sheesh, give the family a break! "Steffie" turned Hope back into Gina, who turned out to be a princess, and sent Shawn off to a boarding school, where he was going to play baseball. After an absence from the show, Shawn returned in October of 1999 with a new look and a chip on his shoulder. He was sporting a new earring, leather jacket and rode a motorcycle. Almost immediately, he struck up a relationship with his old family friend, Belle Black and the two started right where they left off...bickering. Last spring, Shawn, Bo and a whole plane full of Salem residents flew to Paris to find Hope, who was being held captive by the real Princess Gina. Shawn rushed into a buring castle to save his mother and was the hero. Shawn also helped out with Habitat 4 Humanity with Belle, Mimi, Chloe and Philip over the past summers, but last summer was the most exciting. Along with the senior class Shawn went on the trip to Puerto Rico where her discovered his feelings for Belle. When the two returned home they soon admitted they loved each other.  Even thought they were so happy their love was destroyed when Shawn claimed to be the Father of Jan's baby and blamed Belle for the miscarriage. Now realizing his mistakes Shawn is doing everything in his power to show Belle how truly sorry he is, even though they admitted they still loved each other at the LBD 2002!

This summer is going to be filled with twists for Shawn, most likely very adventurous!

Shawn has been apart of the alien finding in Salem. Along with Belle he revived Cassie and rex. Although he hasn't been as concerned as Belle, he will do anything for her.

Shawn is attending Salem University while living in Hartly House. Lately he has been jealous of Belle, but they both agreed to work on their relationship. Shawn's mom is away with his brother and some problems with them are ahead.