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Chloe Lane


Nadia Bjorlin~
One of Days of our Lives' most colorful characters, conniving Nancy Wesley, has a huge secret, a daughter she gave up for adoption when she was a college freshman. For Days of our Lives newcomer Nadia Bjorlin, landing the coveted role of Chloe, Nancy's reclusive and musical prodigy daughter, is something that the young actress and classically trained singer has been preparing for her entire life.

Nadia, the fifth child of six born to world renowned Swedish Maestro Ulf Bjorlin and his Persian wife, Fary, began her life in Newport, Rhode Island. The Bjorlins migrated back to Sweden, her father's native country, when Nadia was two months old. Being the family of a conductor and composer, the Bjorlins traveled and lived abroad for several years until their father took a job conducting the Florida Philharmonic and Palm Beach symphony. By this time, Nadia was completely seduced by her father's love of music. She started performing professionally at age eight, singing with two of her brothers at her father's concerts. They soon became known as the BJORLIN TRIO, a group which thrived even after her father passed away when Nadia was twelve. Nadia was also featured in her dad's adaptations of classic stories into musicals, such as Hans Christian Anderson's The Snow Queen, and The Portrait of Raoul Wallenberg.

As a child, Nadia attended the prestigious Interlochen Center for the Arts and the Boston University Tanglewood Institute for several years, where she received recognition and awards for excellency in theatre, voice, music an dance. Nadia spent her junior high school years and her first two years of high school attending the Palm Beach County School of the Arts.

Nadia feels most at home on the concert stage, but she is quite accomplished in other facets of the arts. Besides singing professionally with the Palm Beach Opera for two years, Nadia has graced the covers of several international fashion publications and danced in the Ricky Martin music video for "Shake Your Bon Bon." Nadia plays the piano, flute and just recently picked up the guitar, which she is self-teaching. "All of my brothers and sisters have some kind of music ability," Nadia explains. "My mother, who is an interior decorator and designer, is the most visually artistic person I know."

In 1996, Nadia competed in an international vocal competition in Verona, Italy, where she won the gold medal. When Nadia was a junior in high school, the Bjorlins moved to the Big Apple where she attended the prestigious Professional Children's School in NYC. In May of 1999, Nadia won first place in the Metro Lyric Opera Competition in New York City. After graduating high school in May of 1999, Nadia knew she wanted to shift her focus to acting.

One week after landing an agent, a nationwide casting call went out for the role of Chloe. Nadia was flown to L.A. for a screen-test, and two days later, returned to New York City to pack up her life for the big move out west for her role on NBC's number one daytime drama.

In her spare time, Nadia enjoys horseback riding, ice skating, swimming, and all kinds of music and dance. "I especially love Latin music and Latin dance, such as the salsa and merengue, and I am also a fan of Persian and Arabic music," the young actress states. "My mom taught me to belly dance as a child, and I've loved it ever since."

Chloe Lane~

Chloe spent most of her childhood at an orphanage outside of Salem, run by a woman named Mrs. Rush. She was given up for adoption at birth and waited 16 years to be reunited with her biological mother, Nancy Wesley. When Nancy was a teenager, she was coerced into sleeping with one of her father's acquaintances and became pregnant. Full of shame and unable to care for her child, Nancy gave the baby up for adoption and continued on with her life. When she was recently contacted by Mrs. Rush, Nancy secretly left town and planned to give her $25,000 to take care of her daughter. At the orphanage, however, Nancy heard Chloe's angelic voice and was overcome with emotion. When she came face to face with her own blood, Nancy knew they couldn't be separated again.

Fearful of Craig's reaction, Nancy lied to her husband and told him that Chloe was the daughter of a good friend who recently passed away. Chloe felt that she was creating unnecessary tension in Nancy's marriage and she decided to run away. Nancy tried to follow her daughter and was hit by a truck in the process. Later in the hospital, Chloe showed up by her mother's bedside much to Craig's dismay. She sang Nancy a song and brought her out of her coma. Later, Chloe moved in with Nancy and Craig and began to attend Salem High School.

In the beginning, Chloe had a hard time adjusting to her new life. At home, she was forced to live a lie with Craig and at school she was constantly ridiculed for not fitting in with the other kids. When Nancy's father unexpectedly showed up in Salem, the lie became harder to sustain. In time, Nancy's secrete was revealed and, although devastated by the news, Craig eventually came to accept Chloe as his daughter.

Chloe has caught the attention of rich kid Philip Kiriakis. She has gained some acceptance at school and has become best friends with Belle Black. After dating Philip for a year, Chloe was the victim in Jan's Plans. She was exposed on the internet and lost the love of her life. Over the summer of 2001 Chloe said at home and got to know Brady Balck. Now the valedictorian of Salem High's Class of 2002, Chloe is trying to fight cancer without letting her friends know. Chloe has also recently helped in the plan of confronting the truth about Jan and Shawn's relationship.

Since than Chloe has told everyone about her cancer. She is now in remission, but still trying to find a doner match. She went to Dry Creek with Brady to find her father, but had no luck. She has rectenctly shared her first kiss with Brady. They are trying to figure out what to od with their relationship.