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June 10-14

This week on Days:

Jack and Sami track Jennifer and Brandon - but get caught up in a real-life murder mystery.

Shawn pleads with Belle for forgiveness; meanwhile, word of Lexie's escape spreads.

Brandon and Jennifer can't seem to find any alone time at their romantic getaway.

Help arrives for Sami and Jack - but shots ring out! Meanwhile, Brandon helps Lexie once again.

Shawn finally confesses the truth about Jan's baby to Belle that he was not the father.

Lexie makes desperate attempt to get to Isaac.

Shawn stuns Belle with a huge revelation.

Philip declares his love to Chloe.

Jennifer sees Colin kissing Nicole.

Philip breaks up with Cynthia.

Sami and Jack are terrorized at a haunted hotel.

Abe conducts a city-wide search for Lexie.

Marlena and Kate have tea.

Brandon and Jennifer leave for their weekend away.

Lexie begs Brandon to help her escape the mental ward.

Kate warns Jack to stay away from Sami.

Nicole discovers some holes in Victor's background check of Colin.