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July 1- 5

This week on Days:
The DNA test on Stefano's ashes comes back inconclusive.
Everyone prepares to watch the meteor shower.
Nicole invites Victor to a picnic.
Victor and Philip talk about Isabella's death from cancer.
Cynthia sincerely offers Philip her support.

John finds a mysterious key at the DiMera mansion.

Nicole falls over a cliff during the meteor shower.

Belle and Shawn see a strange capsule at Lookout Point.

John finds a mystery object that Tony needs. Nicole plots to get rid of Victor, for good.

Everyone gathers for the Brady/Horton BBQ, where Sami gets a bitter surprise from Lucas - and a meteor heads straight for Salem!

The meteor hits Salem! A familiar face - and two very unfamiliar ones - land in Salem as well.

Zack calls Hope "Mommy" for the first time. Also on Wednesday, Tony and Sami share a hot kiss.           

Days is pre-empted on Thursday, July 4 and Friday, July 5.