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December 2-6

John and Tony fight over Marlena; Brady and Chloe consummate their love; Craig faces an agonizing decision.

Billie is supsended! Nicole threatens Kate; Rolf programs the twins to protect all DiMeras.

Hope confronts Billie, with violent consequences. Larry reveals his secret ally.

Cassie and Rex plot to attack Kate; Marlena's nightmare troubles John; Tony starts to decipher Stefano's journal.  

Brady and Chloe return to Salem and learn of Nancy's grave state; Lexie learns that she's pregnant...which Sami overhears.

Bo and Hope share a special dance to Kelly Moneymaker's love song "Can't Live Without Your Love." Also on Friday, Chloe's new found happiness is shattered when she learns the truth about Nancy's grave condition.

Tony is frustrated in trying to read Stefano's journal.

Celeste tries to get Lexie to reconcile with Abe.

Cassie and Rex attempt to assault Kate.

Kate and Roman finally give in to their desires.

Brandon assures Sami he's trustworthy.

Shawn and Belle share a romantic evening.

Nicole and Victor set a wedding date.

Jack gives Jennifer the cold shoulder.

Hope sees an apparition of Larry.

John gets the results of his DNA test.