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August 26-30th

Nicole is shot during the attempted hit on Victor! Shawn finds Billie in his father's arms.

While others hold vigil for Nicole's recovery, Sami is tempted to put an end to it; Brady and Chloe search for Chloe's father.

Nicole awakens to a terrifying sight; Marlena encounters Cassie and Rex - and the key

Brady is thrown in jail - thanks to Philip; Jack tells Jennifer his belief about Colin's involvement in the hit on Victor.

The twins make contact with their "home", but not before leaving Belle with a secret gift.

Sami gets a mysterious phone call from "the love of her life"

Chaos erupts when Philip locates Chloe and Brady in Dry Creek, North Dakota. 

Belle and Shawn race against the clock to help the Gemini Twins evade capture.

Brady and Chloe blame Philip for Dr. Sykes's escape.

Nicole's heart monitor goes berserk.

Sami swears she did nothing wrong.

Roman and Kate can't resist a kiss.

Lexie moves back in to the DiMera Mansion.

Bo lashes out at Billie.

Marlena and John fight over the Gemini Twins.

Sami agrees to help Tony retrieve the key.