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October 14-18

Nicole and Victor are forced to postpone the wedding;
Colin makes a guilty confession to Jennifer.
Bo frantically searches for Hope and Zack;
Billie exhibits suspicious behavior;
Tony bonds with the twins.
Shawn learns of his mother and brother's disappearance;
Chloe receives some final test results;
 Philip gets himself into more trouble with Belle and Brady.
Lexie is rushed to the hospital;
Jennifer and Jack argue over Colin.
Colin and Nicole share a scorching kiss.
Hope discovers her kidnapper's shocking identity!
Rex and Cassie enroll at Salem University.
Isabella urges Brady to seize the day with Chloe.
Hope comes face to face with her kidnapper.
Sami feels the walls closing in.
Colin confesses his sins to Jennifer.
Jennifer confronts Sami.
Mimi convinces Philip to learn from his mistakes.
Bo is unsettled when he discovers Hope and Zack missed their flight.
Victor and Nicole's wedding is postponed.
Tony bonds with the Twins.
Philip takes a job at DotCom.
Billie calls the Mystery Man.
Tony goes into a fugue state in front of John.
~Not really an exciting week for Shawn and Belle, but I still lookfoward to Days. Maybe the following week will be better, we can only hope!