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December 23-27

Monday, December 23
Billie submits to a lie detector test; Lexie reveals the father of her baby. 

Tuesday, December 24
Colin resorts to blackmail to get what he wants; Nancy, Craig and Chloe pray for a Christmas miracle. 

Wednesday, December 25
The Horton family prepares for Christmas with their decorating tradition; Philip says goodbye to Salem ­ and Chloe.  

Thursday, December 26
John and Marlena learn the truth about John's biological father; Hope continues to have "visions" of Larry.   

Friday, December 27
Chloe learns that Craig is her father; Victor catches Nicole in a huge lie; Colin vows to keep Jack away from Jennifer.  


Tuesday December 24
Chloe and Brady make love under the Christmas tree.

Wednesday December 25
Philip says a final goodbye to Chloe before departing on a life-altering adventure and the Horton family gathers to hang the famous Horton Christmas ornaments on the tree.  

Hope thinks Billie still has feelings for Bo.

Lexie gets her paternity test results.

Chloe and Craig keep vigil at Nancy's bedside.

Nicole meets with a wedding planner.

Philip gives Kate and Victor some shocking news.

Billie takes a lie detector test.

Philip makes a surprising announcement.

Zack celebrates his first Christmas as a Brady.

John and Marlena await his paternity test.

Jennifer hears Colin threatening Jack.