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September 30 - October 4

Everyone is shocked by the alien headline in The Intruder.
John confronts Sami about leaking the alien story.
Chloe and Brady arrive home.
Belle and Shawn fight about his lack of trust.
Cynthia stirs up trouble.
Belle discovers Sami leaked the story to the Intruder.
A drunk Philip shows up at Chloe's birthday party.
Victor promises Nicole he'll destroy Kate and Sami.
John and Marlena continue to argue about the Twins.
Chloe and Brady arrive home and confront reality;
Shawn makes a shocking discovery about Belle and Philip.
Nicole receives disheartening medical news from Colin;
Cynthia tempts Philip into a bad situation.
Chloe's birthday party gets an uninvited distraction;
Shawn and Belle cozy up in the same bed.
Victor promises a distraught Nicole the ultimate wedding gift;
the teens find out the winner of the Homecoming Heartbreaker contest.
Brady surprises Chloe on her 18th birthday;
Colin tells Tony about the Twins.
Brady romances Chloe on her birthday.
Shawn and Belle get all hot and heavy when they wake up together.