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November 4- 8

Tony learns the shocking truth about the twins origins;
Kate and Sam hatch a Halloween plan to trap Nicole.
Bo and Abe arrest Lexie;
Zack tells his daddy some troubling news about Hope.
Billie finds a bloodstained clue;
Hope submits to Larry's demands but not without a plan of her own.
Bo receives a disturbing message;
Chloe tries to tell Brady she loves him;
Victor finds Nicole in the arms of another man!  
Hope discovers Billie's connection to her kidnapping;
Shane Donovan returns to Salem with surprising news for John.
Brady is stunned to see Chloe's father, Dr. Sykes, in Salem.
Rolf explains to Tony how the Twins really arrived in Salem.
Chloe supports Nancy as she has the amniocentesis.
Brady has a near miss with Sykes in Salem Place.
Mimi finds herself falling for Rex.
Kate hatches a plan to get Nicole.
Tony asks Rolf about his past.
Billie finds more evidence about Hope's kidnapping.
John plans to go to the DiMera island.
Brady finds a picture of Chloe's biological father.