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July 15-19

This week on Days:
John and Marlena accept Tony DiMera's invitation to dinner. The baby switch tape is recovered!

Billie lurks outside the Brady pub, watching Bo. Craig and Nancy decide to help Chloe by trying to have a baby.

Bo is stunned when he learns of Billie's return - and her new profession.

John reveals his true motives regarding Tony to Marlena. Brady is shocked by a "visit" from his dead mother.

The aliens confront Belle and Shawn - and make Belle jealous. Bo drops a bombshell when he tells Hope of Billie's return.

Bo tells an upset Hope that Billie is back in Salem. 

 Sami stuns John and Marlena when she arrives at Tony's dinner party as his guest.

Chloe's friends make posters for the bone marrow drive.
The Gemini twins steal a bottle of wine from the pub.
Jack is against Jennifer getting involved with Colin.
Craig and Nancy decide to make a baby.

Hope confronts Billie at the police station.
Brady asks Isabella to save Chloe.
Brandon has an altercation with Abe.
Stefano's will is read.
Belle continues to think the "aliens" are real