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July 22-26

This week on Days:
Hope confronts Billie, while John and Bo question Tony about Stefano's will.

Belle and Shawn rescue the alien boy and girl; Brady speaks with Isabella about Chloe's illness.

At Stefano's memorial service, the attendees remember all of his horrible past deeds.

Stefano's will is read - and the fates of many are foretold.
Jennifer furthers her plan to get close to Colin. The real aliens encounter the "Aliens" gang!

The reading of Stefano's will has a profound impact on those in attendance.

Belle and Shawn jump to action when their new friends are threatened.

Shawn and Belle lose the "aliens" again.

Invitations arrive for the reading of Stefano's will.

Sami and Lexie argue over Brandon.

Billie accuses Bo of still having feelings for him.

Abe tries to uncover the mystery of the baby switch.