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June 24-28

This Week On Days:

John attacks Tony! Plus, Sami and Brandon have a heart-to-heart talk.

Victor discovers Colin and Nicole in an intimate moment. Brady spends the night in Chloe's room.

Caprice tells Belle and Shawn that the upcoming meteor shower can have magical effects. Jack and Jennifer finish up their DiMera expose.

Victor's warnings have a damaging effect on Nicole and Colin; Sami flirts with Tony in a plan to entice Brandon.

Nancy discovers Chloe's will; Shawn gives Belle a romantic surprise.

Brady spends the night in Chloe's room.

Nancy breaks down in tears when she reads Chloe's will.

Belle presents Shawn with a special gift.

Tony explains his presence.
Sami asks Brandon if he still loves her.
Brady and Belle discuss Chloe.
Isabella's ghost watches over Brady.

Tony announces Stefano is dead.
Sami hatches a plan for Brandon to have to rescue her.
Craig is unsuccessful in tracking Chloe's father.
Colin breaks it off with Nicole.
Tony passes out and is rushed to the hospital.